Prayer for Cleansing Zipper Hoodie Design

This is a zipper hoodie design I did based on a longsleeve design we sold at our shows in the US.

Azazel Zipper Hoodie Design

This is a design I did for the release of our EP on vinyl. Every metal band needs at least one design using a Gustav Dore image.

Prayer for Cleansing Hoodie Design

Printed these in 2020 and 2021. The profits were donated to various charities.

Prayer for Cleansing T-shirt Design

I put together this design after seeing a super cool Candlemass shirt a friend of mine had. We sold a longsleeve version at our live shows in 2022 and 2023.

Prayer for Cleansing Cowboy T-shirt Design

I did a short run of these for our Furnace Festival appearance in 2023, and another short run for the European market once I got home. It's a nod to our film nerd roots.

A World of Flowers Dead Riso Print Zine

After playing 2 shows in December 2022, I was struck with nostalgia and wrote a zine using pictures by the super talented Daniel White. The text is a free flowing exploration of thoughts that never seemed to have left me.

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